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The hiker walks on his stomach

Every person needs some basic things in order to live.

1) Liquids water juices and sometimes some of us need some alcohol

2) Food that provides energy to both body and mind

3) Spiritual food (which we will not delve into in this post)

The source of Argentine food

Argentine food is considered one of the most varied and best in the world
For one who is not limited or confines himself to certain things whether voluntary or medical limitations.
The reason for this lies in the diversity of the population that originates from different places in the world and Argentina
Absorbed them into it with the culinary culture brought by the immigrants.

What populations influenced the culinary culture in Argentina

To Argentina and Buenos Aires as the main point of entry into Argentina in the periods before the invention of the aircraft through seaports
And land by all the neighboring countries and in the new age also by air.
There are dishes that appear from the population of the natives who were here before the arrival of the Spaniards and then the Spaniards arrived conquered and introduced their culture to the southern continent and this included Argentina.
Italian immigrants who came and settled in Buenos Aires and brought the pizza and ice cream pasta culture.
Populations from the Middle East mainly Syria and Lebanon who brought Middle Eastern food.
Deportees from Spain who did not want to convert and decided to go into exile in the colonies
Eastern European Jews whom Baron Hirsch offered in 1891 to emigrate to colonies he established in Argentina after riots in Russia
And of course the cowboy culture and the meat brought from Europe

Raw materials for food in Argentina

Argentina is a very important global food producer
Argentina is of great importance in the global meat market especially of beef, wheat, soy, corn, milk and beans
As a country that produces beef it has importance in local cuisine.
The average annual consumption of beef in Argentina is about 57 kg per capita (the largest consumption in the world per capita. In Israel this consumption is only about 24 kg per capita per year) There are areas in Argentina where the annual consumption of meat is almost double per capita.
White bread is very common in Argentina due to the increasing amounts of wheat in the country although in recent years one can find a growing variety of breads and pastries.

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