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Family trip to Jerusalem

Planning a family trip to Jerusalem is an experience in itself.

A mixture of colors and smells arise immediately upon deciding to tour the alleys of this special city.

A city full of charm and endless attractions for every family.

the quarterThis is also Jerusalem

Jerusalem is a city of harmonies and contrasts

Family attractions in Jerusalem

History and current affairs come together in a trip to the City of David in augmented reality.

This is where the city of Jerusalem was born thousands of years ago and we can experience for a brief moment, how King David walked its streets.

Wonderful stories unfold before our eyes every minute and every second.

An unforgettable experience for the whole family

An experience for the whole family

Suitable for the whole family and children from the age of 8

A tour of the city of David for families

Family trip to the Jewish quarter in Jerusalem.

If you have come this far, this is a great opportunity to introduce children to the heroic stories of

The Wall Company.

A heroic storyA heroic story

The historical story of young men who guarded the Western Wall with their bodies during the British Mandate in the Land of Israel.

A historical story for the family

The Wall Company House Museum

The Western Wall.

What is not counted and what is not written on the Western Wall?

Even today it is a source of inspiration and prayer, to which crowds of the House of Israel gather on holidays and weekdays.

A powerful place to visit before we make our way back to the hotel.

We like and usually bury a note with requests and pleas between the stones of the Kotel, but we must remember that if the trip takes place on Shabbat,

We must bring the note ready from home :)

Praying at the Western Wall

Families celebrate Bar Mitzvah at the Western Wall.

Hotels with contents for families in Jerusalem

Some hotels provide content and experiences for both parents and children.

These hotels are located near the Jerusalem attractions and are a source of peace for families who prefer a plan known in advance.

Prima hotelsPrima networkPrima network

The Prima chain of hotels offer a variety of content for the whole family.

Seminar for the familySeminar for the family

Experiential seminars following the Jewish existence.

At Prima RoyalePrima Royale

A vacation inspired by the Banai family and also diving into the world of mysticism and Kabbalah.

Prima Royale

More hotels for families in Jerusalem

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