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Celebration around the clock

If you came to Eilat to release the daily stress and celebrate life properly, the Magic Palace Hotel Eilat , is exactly what you are looking for. Whether you want to jump head first into the pool, allow your body and mind to rest and enjoy the pampering spa complex, or just sit at the bar with an exotic drink and daydream, you can definitely do it here.

An unforgettable culinary experience

The Magic Palace Hotel Eilat offers all those who come through its gates a culinary experience, which they will not soon forget. The meals served throughout the day are of excellent quality and guests are left with only to choose from the rich and interesting menu. The Blue Lagoon restaurant, located in the hotel, offers guests a rich menu of meats and other delights that will not leave your palate indifferent. If you want to stay in the room, the meals will be brought to you directly. The hotel's room service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Family experience from the movies

If you arrive at the Magic Palace Hotel Eilat with a full family, everyone in the family, from small to large, will be able to enjoy a dream vacation that will be regretted In memory for a long time. Parents can relax in the pool area, while the children will spend late hours in a specially designed kids' club. The kids' club has a large selection of games for all ages and levels, so that the kids can enjoy and allow parents some rest time. In addition to the club, the hotel regularly hosts sessions and performances for children of all ages.

Modern Spa Complex

The Magic Palace Hotel Eilat boasts the modern and pampering spa complex located in its area. There is no doubt that a real vacation is a vacation that includes release for body and mind. In the intimate spa complex, uniquely designed with the needs of guests in mind, you can enjoy a variety of treatments and massages. Guests who do not wish to forgo a sports workout can definitely enjoy a workout in the hotel gym.

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