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Car rental in Cusco

The question is always asked whether to rent a car when we reach a certain destination, the answer depends on a lot of data to be taken into account
For example, the nature of the trip, the place of accommodation and the parking costs, public transportation efficiency, the rental price versus the price of getting around in taxis and public transportation, the size of the settlement and whether we would like to travel in the area.

Cusco is a special city and starting point.

The city of Cusco The capital of the province of Cusco in Peru is a starting point for day trips in the area to the Inca Antiquities some of which are just inside the city of Cusco which can be walked to from any hotel in the city (although the height of Cusco should be taken into account).
At the Palacio del Inka the Inca Palace for example holds oxygen balloons and coca tea for the use of its customers in suites on request to facilitate height adaptation. You can also get this service at other four-star and five-star hotels.

Car rental agencies

In the city there are several car rental agencies that you can choose from. ATVs or motorcycles, if you want to ride a motorcycle or ATV then you should definitely consider this option. It is important to check that the agency has insurance and a license. You reported before you set off, you will have a photo of the condition of the vehicle before departure and you should even be seen taking pictures.
For a private car it is not worth renting because the price is expensive compared to renting taxi driver services for a full day which also includes the fuel and knows the area some even speak other languages and know how to tell the sites you will travel with, you can check the night before with a taxi that looks good to talk to the driver. Pay and he will pick you up from the hotel.
(Most hotels do not have parking available)
For advice on Cusco and the area, please contact Eli Ariel Litchek at WhatsApp
(I lived in Cusco for a year and a half and now live in Argentina)

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