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Shopping in Belgrade

If you thought that style exists only in Milan, Italy, then you are confused. Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, is a very attractive destination for shopping and style. We will show you the most worthwhile local markets and of course where you should stay, which hotels in all respects: location, price, quality, are you ready? lets start:

Mall Gallery

Our first destination is Galleria Mall, definitely the most affordable mall in Belgrade and why? Because first of all it is the largest among them and in fact the largest in the Southeast Europe region, in the mall you will find about 300 brand stores including local and international clothing brands, luxury restaurants, coffee shops, diverse food stores, entertainment for children and the family which include the Cosmo Jump and Cosmo Play complexes One of the special ones offers a trampoline court complex that covers 800 square meters, which includes a climbing wall and a host of other facilities, and the other offers a challenging laser maze, a laser shooting game for the whole family, and a special area for the babies among us. In addition to the wide variety of shops and the catering complex, the mall boasts an amazing design with beautiful terraces and glass which overlook the Sava River and, in fact, the city of Belgrade itself, its bridges and, among other things, the Kalamagdan Battery, which we will talk about in our special deals group to join >>click here<<. In the mall, there is access to the tallest tower in the city, which rises to a height of 168 meters, and this is the Kola Tower, no The Coca Cola we know, the complex is located along the Sava River, if you want to be precise the address is:

BULEVAR VIDRO BILCONA 12, Beograd 11000, Serbia

So you already know the address, wouldn't you like to know how else to get there? So:

Of course, you can always get there on foot, but how and from where, so it depends on where you are in the city, since the complex is located on the boardwalk on the banks of the Sava river.

In addition, of course, there is the Raddison collection hotel old mill Belgrade , which is located about 15 minutes' walk from the famous mall or about 8 minutes by car/taxi which will cost you about 400 local dinars equal to 14 shekels. (To book a room, click on the hotel's name )

Ada Mall

So now that we have understood where the most worthwhile shopping mall is, let's move on. The next place that should not be missed is the Ada Mall, its name comes from its close location to the Ada Cigalania Park. In the Ada complex you will find international and of course local clothing and footwear brands, electronics, children's and toiletry stores like in any other mall, on the top floor you will find a concentration of many restaurants and food stalls and you can enjoy the view of the Ada Park in the outdoor dining area. The exact address of the complex is:

Radnicka ulica 9, 11000 Beograd Srbija

In terms of how you should get to the complex or the park, there are bus lines from the city center that go directly to the area, you can check in front of your accommodation which line arrives, you can of course take a taxi which will cost you about 600 local dinars which is equivalent to 20 NIS It is about 15 minutes from the city center area to the Ada complex/park.

Those who love adventure and authenticity among you also have the option of staying at Flow Resturant & Bar Rooms , located about 1.2 km from the park and the shopping complex, about 10 minutes' drive from the Ada shopping complex, actually offering fast check-in and check-out in a crazy location on the edge Nahar Sava, not a luxury hotel but an apartment style, but certainly offers a culinary experience and a mesmerizing view that are worth a visit of a night or two, highly recommended for couples. ( To book a room, click on the hotel name )

Or for those who love the luxury of hotels, you can also stay at the Crown Plaza Belgrade hotel, with 4 stars of the highest level available, about 8 minutes' drive from the Ada complex. ( To book a room, click on the hotel name )

The Chinese market

So after we tasted the shopping complexes with modern design and the views of the Sava River, now for a completely different popular cultural experience, the Chinese market of Belgrade is the place for cheap shopping of everything, clothing, footwear, household goods, children's toys and bags and more, the so-called without money. Where is the catch you ask? Well, as it sounds like a Chinese market, then you probably understood that all the goods are not original and in fact they are fakes, but when it comes to Chinese goods, it means an original fake 😉 , there are also restaurants and food stalls scattered in the Chinese market complex, but it is recommended mainly for those of us with iron stomachs.

The entire complex is 2 floors in the style of a tiny Chinese mall but as you have seen very diverse and offers everything from everything at the cheapest price. The only problem is its location, which is a little far from the city center, so the best way would be to take a taxi at a cost of about 800 local dinars, which is equivalent to 30 NIS, the journey time is about 15 minutes from the city center. The exact address of the Chinese market is :

Jurija Gagarina 91, Beograd Srbija

Oscea Mall:

Now for our last recommendation so far, there will be Oscea Mall which is considered the largest mall in the Belgrade area and in general in the whole of Serbia. The location of the hotel is actually a connection point between the older part of the city and the newer part of the city in addition to that it also creates a connection point between the Sava river which you already knew and the also famous Danube river.

So of course you will find all the famous clothing and footwear fashion brands in the mall, as well as a huge variety of about 150 stores, yes, you heard right, which means you will have to spare a lot of time to go through the whole mall, in the complex of course there are restaurants, cafes and food stalls, for the spontaneous among you If you suddenly want to see a movie, there is a large movie theater in the complex, for those who love gambling while your partner is browsing the variety of brands, you can find a casino in the complex that is open from 10 am to 1 am on the 2nd floor of the complex. In addition, you can find currency exchange services, convenience stores and kiosks. The official address of the complex is:

Bulevar Mihajla Pupina 4, Beograd 11070 Serbia

How will you arrive? The closest and most recommended would be to stay at the decorated and luxurious Hyatt Regency Belgrade hotel, located about 600 meters from the Oscea shopping complex, only an 8-minute walk, a 5-star hotel in a very central location in Belgrade. ( To book a room, click on the hotel name )

If you are staying at another hotel then a taxi costing about 400 local dinars which is equivalent to 14 NIS from almost any location in the city center will bring you to the shopping complex in about 10 minutes.


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