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5 recommended restaurants in Dubai

1. Nobu Dubai

Novo, located at the Atlantis Hotel, combines an innovative Japanese style with Arab influences, while retaining Novo classics. An example of this is a legendary charred black cod dish served with a sweet miso sauce, or a yellow-tailed serriol topped with thin slices of its substitutes. The menu is complemented by a sushi bar and a stylish setting, which includes private areas for more intimate gatherings. There are cooking classes that allow guests to learn the secrets behind this world-famous restaurant chain. The chain was created by renowned chef Novo Mazzhisa to redefine Japanese cuisine.

2. Thiptara

Located at Palace Downtown Dubai, this restaurant offers exemplary Thai cuisine with an emphasis on Bangkok-style seafood. The name of this elegant restaurant means 'Water Magic', as it overlooks the Dubai Fountain, making it one of the most romantic restaurants in Dubai. Tiptra's chef has created a menu that pays homage to Thai culinary traditions. Expect a variety of fresh and delicious dishes that cover the spectrum of the country's flagship recipes. Try traditional dishes with Thai iced tea or cognac from the restaurant's fine selection.
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3. Akira Bac

On the menu you will find dozens of dishes from Japanese, Korean and international cuisine: soups, hot and cold dishes, salads, rolls, robata (quick grill dishes), Nigerian and sashimi, main courses, side dishes and desserts. The highlight of the menu is tuna pizza, which the chef gently tries to offer diners. The goal is to provide a solution for everyone - meat eaters, vegans and more.

4. Fish Beach Tavern

The restaurant starts on the peaceful beaches of Mina Sihi. An Aegean menu of Turkish and Greek cuisine awaits against the backdrop of Mina Sihii’s Mina sunset and under the twinkling Arabian night sky.

5. Zuma Restaurant

Looking for good food on your next trip to Dubai? If you have ever heard of good food in foreign countries you have probably also heard of Zuma, a restaurant that has been operating for over a decade and not just in Dubai!
Success spoke for itself and as then also today a Japanese restaurant in Dubai, knows exactly what you need and want before you plan your next trip - your initial encounter with Dubai!
So where and how did it all start? How did Zuma become a Japanese culinary station spreading her hands all over the world? If you ask the founder and founder Rainer Becker you will understand that perhaps with success you do not argue, not when it comes as part of uncompromising pleasure and taste.
Along with hard work and time passing faster than one thinks Zuma has become one of the most sought after restaurants in London her hometown and so in the rest of the world.
From 2002 until today Zuma reaps the successes when she made the connection with Dubai in 2006 and since then you can definitely testify unanimously, if you are looking for Japanese food in Dubai and on the way want a recommended restaurant in Dubai all you have to do is say Zuma!

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