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"Paradise" Seychelles - Hotels in Seychelles ✨

The Seychelles is one of our favorite destinations, the Israelis, and it's really not hard to understand why🤭. A few hours flight and you reach paradise - dreamy beaches with white sand and turquoise water blend with the endless horizon with the azure sky. Intoxicating tropical🏞.

The most popular island is Mahe, where most of the recommended hotels are also located (see list and links below), followed by the peaceful islands of La Fishing and Praline, which are very popular with Israelis. Our recommendation: Spend time on the beaches, but do not miss the gardens, parks, nature and restaurants.

Recommended hotels in Seychelles:

Hotel Constance discrimination Seychelles - Constance Ephélia | Five Stars | Fort Glaud Beach

Constance Discrimination Hotel Seychelles

Spa facilities, boutique restaurants and bars, sports activities, luxurious and luxurious villas, gardens and pools.
Suitable for people who want to indulge and get the highest level!

Hotel Kempinski Seychelles | Five Stars | Bay Lazar Beach

Kempinski Hotel Seychelles

Rooms with balconies and luxurious suites, bars and restaurants with the option to eat on the beach, sports activities, courts and fitness, pool and beach, kids club.
Suitable for people who want a combination of maximum pampering, luxury and an innovative atmosphere.

Savoy Seychelles - Savoy Seychelles Resort & Spa | Five Stars | Beach in Wallon

Savoy Seychelles Hotel

Spacious suites and rooms with terrace, luxurious restaurants and meals, a pampering spa, yoga and saunas, a huge pool, fitness areas and a kids' club.
Very suitable for couples who want pampering, relaxation and peace.

Blue Paradise Hotel - Eden Bleu Hotel | Five Stars | Adjacent to Eden Island Marina

Eden Blue Seychelles Hotel

Close to airport and capital Victoria, pool, restaurant and bar, walking distance from Eden Plaza center with casino, supermarket and shops.
Suitable for people who want a beautiful place and close to major sites.

Constance Lemuria Resort Hotel Seychelles - Constance Lemuria Resort | Five Stars | Grand Anne Preslin

Constance Hotel Lemuria Resort Seychelles

Adjacent to Praslin Airport, rooms with wooden furniture and suites are spacious and luxurious villas, restaurants and bars, a three-level pool, a pampering spa, courts and sports activities.
Great for couples as well as families and people who want to be pampered.

Eden Island Luxury - Eden Island Luxury Accommodatio | Four Stars | Eden Island

Eden Island Luxury Hotel Seychelles

Close to the airport and the capital Victoria, private and spacious villas, private beaches and pools, clean and quiet place, plots and sports and water facilities, a wide range of activities and attractions in the area.
Very suitable for couples who want an impressive and beautiful hotel, quiet but also close to central areas. Excellent price, it is recommended to order on the Travelor website .

Marie Laure Suites | Three Stars | Belle Umbra Beach near Levo and Alon

Cheap but satisfying and good hotel, pool and garden, spacious accommodation units with seating area and balcony, private and pleasant family atmosphere, friendly and courteous staff.
Suitable for people who want a good price with good value.

Other recommended hotels in Seychelles:

The H Resort Beau Vallon Beach

Coral Strand Smart Choice Hotel Seychelles - Coral Strand Smart Choice

Le Meridien Fisherman's Cove

Club Hotel Cote D'Or

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