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Tel Aviv Beach Hotels.

The hotels are: Alexander, Peace Hotel, Orchid, Crowne Plaza, Stay, Royal Beach, Savoy.

These hotels are a relatively old building externally, internally they are invested at a very nice level.

Hotel Alexander is beautifully decorated and impressive, beautiful rooms maintained to an excellent standard, wonderful level of services, delicious and fresh food, social activities in the summer months.


Plaza Hotel Tel Aviv

Located on the canopy of the city of Tel Aviv, a relatively old building, the design of the hotel is of a very good standard, gives its wonderful services to its guests with great pleasure, generosity and beautiful hospitality, offers attractions for children, special dishes schnitzels, chips, many pastries, Korason Roglach and more.

Orchid Hotel Tel Aviv

In its exterior appearance is not particularly impressive, a relatively old building, compared to its interior, the hotel is charming and very invested, its internal beauty invested in its impressive design, its level of service is excellent and makes for a wonderful hospitality experience.

The hotel has plenty of delicious good food, social activities in July and August and the hot summer months. There is a huge clean swimming pool with a lifeguard during business hours.

Characteristic of these beach hotels, they were built near the beach several decades ago, do not look externally invested.

The interior design of the hotels is very invested in a modern, innovative and beautiful design level. Pleasant to stay in, all the hotels are wonderful service providers, reception, food, room service, activities in the summer months of July and August for children, a pool with play games, the experience created while staying in a wonderful hotel.

Dining room on the lakes

The dining rooms are arranged to a very good standard, clean and bright, a buffet with a huge selection of dishes with aromas and colors. In the summer.

The pool is active during business hours, with a lifeguard present at the scene during these hours, water sports activities to the sound of music.

In the evenings during the summer months, there are activities for children and adults, plays for her games, barbecues.

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