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Attractions not to be missed in Dubai:

Dubai is considered the number one destination in the world of tourism and not for nothing, great investments and many efforts have been made by the monarchy in power to make Dubai simply the first city in the list of destinations of every tourist in the world.

What will you find in Dubai? The answer to this is everything from impressive buildings and luxurious and traditional designs, a variety of spectacular sites, beaches and mesmerizing hotels of course, stay with us until the end for our recommended hotels in Dubai, let's get started?

The tallest tower in the world and the famous fountain show:

We will start with the famous Burj Khalifa tower, we mentioned impressive buildings Well not just the Burj Khalifa is the most sought after building today among tourists, at a height of 828 meters, it holds the record for the tallest building in the world. "Up to the 148th floor and enjoy the observatory that overlooks the Downtown Dubai area and of course the famous fountains that we will touch on later. Despite the limitation of the ascent to the 148th floor only you will find yourself at an altitude of 555 meters. Why the limitation? This is because some of the floors in the tallest tower in the world are used as residential apartments and some as a hotel.

Adjacent to the tower are the musical fountains which are part of the beautiful lake that spreads over the downtown area of Dubai, the fountains are located in the heart of the lake and you can enjoy their show at pre-set hours and of course it is recommended to stay after sunset so you can see them in their full and colorful beauty. From any place around the lake of course from the tower itself in the observatory on the 148th floor or alternatively for the water lovers among you you can get on a boat that will take you as close as possible to the show or board floating platforms almost within touching distance of the fountains.

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Picture in the largest frame in the world:

Our next attraction is the famous frame of Dubai, rising to a height of 150 meters which makes it the largest frame in the world, yes in Dubai we love everything as big and impressive as possible. This beautiful structure is not just a rectangular geometric shape but actually this frame is past, present and future Of Dubai. Within the framework is the museum that explains Dubai's past as a tiny fishing village in the past and of course all the way to the rich city today and all this happened in a few decades, a very impressive achievement, in a 360 degree view of the area where you will see the older areas of the city Facing the new areas and contemporary skyscrapers, if all this is not enough you will get a glimpse into Dubai's future and the city's vision of what it will look like in the not so distant future for Dubai, all made possible by an equally impressive virtual reality technology.

Important notes: The complex is strictly forbidden to bring food (do not worry, there is a cafe in the complex), in addition, unfortunately there is currently no entrance for baby strollers and wheelchairs.

A miracle of a garden and butterflies:

We will continue to an equally beautiful and colorful attraction and it is the magical garden also called "miracle of a garden", imagine the middle of the desert, heavy heat, and then a magical and colorful garden is revealed just like an illusion, so no illusion and a real garden that stretches over 72 thousand meters Squares featuring changing seasonal flower displays and huge representations of Mickey Mouse, 380A aircraft and more.

In addition, a huge butterfly complex has been added to the garden, where you will be exposed to about 15,000 butterflies from 26 different and varied species, definitely a surprising place, pleasant to the eye, very colorful that you should not miss especially for photo lovers among you.

Important notes: The kindergarten can be entered with baby strollers and wheelchairs without any problem.

Water parks and Jumeira Beach:

For water and beach lovers the following places are for you, beaches and water parks in Dubai are not lacking but we have compiled for you some of the most prominent that are not to be missed.

SPLASH N PARTY - Located on the Jumeira Beach Strip, the most recommended park for families and young children up to the age of 10, this is because the park's main focus is on the diverse attractions for children but that does not mean that the adults among you will not enjoy and stay dry.

WILD WADI WATER PARK - Also located in the coastal strip of Jumeira, close to the famous Burj Al Arab Hotel (in the shape of the famous sail), so it is the most famous water park where you will find a variety of slides and a wave pool and surfing facilities.

ATLANTIS AQUAVENTURE WATER PARK - Also located in the coastal strip of Jumeira, the park is famous mainly for the transparent slide above which live sharks swim, yes you heard right, also in the complex of this park you will find a variety of slides and very fun water facilities.

The most recommended beach in the United Arab Emirates is of course as you understand it is the most famous Jumeira beach in the world and is known mainly for its white sands, palm trees and azure water. They are just sunset so that you do not miss the special golden hue that the sands get, highly recommended.

Of course along the promenade, you will find a variety of restaurants, cafes, playgrounds and parks for children and families, entrance to the beach is free.

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4. Sheraton Grand hotel Dubai , 5 stars, close to the famous frame attraction

5. Shangri La Hotel Dubai , 5 stars, with a view of the Burj Khalifa Tower, great location, highly recommended

6. Damac Maison Mall Street , 5 Stars, View of Burj Khalifa Tower, Very Close to Dubai Mall


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