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You have decided to travel to South America. One of the destinations that is a starting or ending point is Buenos Aires.

Buenos Aires A huge city Three million people live in the capital and eleven million live in Greater Buenos Aires.
Neighborhoods of Buenos Aires: Palermo, Vieja Crespo, Flores, Floresta, Caballito, Belgrano, San Telmo,
La Boca, Puerto Madero, Recoleta.

Today when you come to travel in Argentina with dollars

The power of dollars is great because there is a restriction of the state on its citizens on the amount of dollars they are allowed to buy Argentine Every Argentine can buy $ 200 USD legally and pay for the purchase tax
The exchange rate is currently 26/03/2021 92 pesos to the dollar In 2017 the exchange rate was 17 pesos to the dollar.
With high inflation the only way to maintain the value of money is to buy dollars but since there is a limit a parallel market has developed called BLU where the exchange rate is currently 141 pesos to the dollar.
If you go to the bank to exchange the exchange rate you will receive, we will be able to pay 82 pesos to the dollar and CASA DE CAMBIO (in ching) 141 pesos to the dollar.
It is very important not to exchange on the street if they offer you a better gate because if you change on the street you may fall victim to crooks who will give you fake or old bills that are no longer legal.

Due to the deepening poverty in Argentina you will see today on Buenos Aires street a lot of CARTONEROS CARTONEROS are homeless people living on the street inside a carton.
And of course when there is poverty also crime arises the purpose of this article is not to scare but to give you a way to travel more safely .

Some important rules for personal safety that are good for every traveler around the world

1) Do not be complacent
2) Do not walk around with valuables that are important to passers-by
3) Go with a backpack and do not put valuables or passports in it
4) Do not walk around at night (preferably also during the day)
5) Choose a hotel in a good neighborhood and on a main street
6) Exchange a little money at a time and not all the money in advance because the rate changes all the time
7) Always remember that every experience is an experience and you are the one who decides if it is good entertaining or terrible

Hotels in Buenos Aires you will find at all levels and prices will suit your hotel to your budget and the area where you want to stay

Corona period

Of course it should be kept in mind during this period that the corona is still here on the latest terms and conditions at official sites of the country to which one travels

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