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Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina

Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina .

The name Buenos Aires means good air and its origin has many speculations. The city lies on the banks of the River de la Plata (Silver River).

The city is one of the oldest colonial cities in South America.

The city is home to one of the largest ports in the world that also serves neighboring Paraguay and Uruguay.

The city is divided into neighborhoods - Barios for administrative purposes that were originally based on Catholic communities.

The derogatory name for the residents of the city "Fortnius" came from a popular song by tango singer Alberto Castiglio, named 100 Port Neighborhoods although in practice there are only 48 official ones.

Familiar and well-known neighborhoods - La Boca, Puerto Madero, Recoleta,

San Telmo, Retiro and Palermo, some of which are even subdivided into sub-neighborhoods.

In recent years, a division has been made into 15 communes that are reminiscent of the familiar division of districts,

In each of which you can get municipal services: paying taxes, fines and issuing marriage licenses.

On vacation in Buenos Aires and anywhere else in the world it is advisable to disconnect from the TV which in my opinion intensifies the negative things.

The neighborhoods that are considered safe are: Recoleta, Palermo, Cabagito (Horse), Puerto Madero.

Transportation in the city is mainly via sub-public subways, yellow-black taxis by meter, bus-public, public-train,

UBER app, remission of a private shuttle service by kilometers, the fare is higher than a taxi and determined in advance according to the km of the trip, as opposed to a taxi that operates based on the operation of the meter.


Hotels in Buenos Aires

NH Collection Buenos Aires Centro Histórico ★★★★★

The NH Hotel is located about 150 meters from the famous May Square where demonstrations were held against the regime in protest that their sons had disappeared in the months leading up to the protest.

Additional points of interest Colon Theater - (Columbus Theater) about 15 minutes walk

The Pink House Casa Rosada - casa rosada 3 minutes walk The main workplace of Argentine presidents - is located on the east side of Mayo Square.

Galerias Pacifico - about 13 minutes walk shopping center

The Edificio Kavanagh building is a 120-meter-high residential skyscraper with 31 floors. Its architectural style is rationalism - Art Deco. The building has won several awards and titles.

Buenos Aires Metropolitan Cathedral is a 2-minute walk away.

"Apple of Lights" La Manzana de las Lucas manzana de las luces Historic center about 2 minutes walk

Museum of the city about a minute walk

Museum of Modern Arts about 16 minutes walk

HHotel Room NH Collection Buenos Aires Historic Center_NH Collection Buenos Aires Historic Center


Htl City Baires ★★★★

The hotel has double rooms, rooms for three people, rooms for four people and even rooms for six people.

City Bayers HotelRoom at the City Bayers HotelRoom at the City Bayers Hotel

The Htl City Baires Hotel is located not far from the main and well-known destinations of the city of Buenos Aires, about 200 meters from the July 9 boulevard, where the obelisk is located about a 16-minute walk from the hotel.

Corrientes Avenue (Avenida Corrientes), known for its theaters and entertainment venues.

Avenue of Mayo (avenida de mayo) which houses Mayo Square and the Pink House and the famous Tortoni Cafe due to the art and stained glass in which the cafe is located was established in 1858.

Art at Tortoni CafeArt inside a Tortoni Gran CafeArt at Tortoni Cafe and Customers

This is a neighborhood with character due to the luxury restaurants located in it

10 blocks from Puerto Madero where you can find a meat restaurant eaten as much as you can Siga La Vaca - follow the cow (Siga La Vaca), and the lively Florida street.

Nearby attractions:

The hotel enjoys a favorite location in the heart of the historic tourist area of the city of Buenos Aires, among the nearby points of interest can be found the obelisk of the city, the Columbus Theater (Colon), the historic Mayo Square, the Congress of the Nation, the Government House.

The hotel is very much located to the historic center of the city (Casco Histórico) and the neighborhoods - San Telmo where is the famous flea market, Puerto Madro, and the Boca (the name Boca derives from the name Boca = here in Spanish located at the mouth of the Riaccolo River which is part of the Plata River) Distressed, colorful where the Boca Juniors' bonbonniere stadium is located.

Adjacent to the hotel is also the Pacific Gallery Mall with the ceiling painted by artist Bernie and various culinary spots.

The hotel is about 8 km from Jorge Newbury International Airport (21 minutes drive) and Pistrini Asiasa International Airport 27 km (50 minutes drive).

Due to the hotel's central location it is close to the metro, subway, Akubisi and all major urban means of transport.


Urban Suites Recoleta Boutique Hotel ★★★★

The hotel is located in the heart of the Hercules neighborhood, right next to the Hercules Cemetery.

Points of interest near the hotel:

Columbus Theater (Colon) about 19 minutes walk

The El Ateneo Grand Splendid is a bookstore, which has been named the second most beautiful bookstore in the world.

The degree was awarded by the British Guardian in 2008, a 9-minute walk from the hotel

Museum of Decorative Arts about 12 minutes from the hotel.

Museum of Fine Arts about 6 minutes from the hotel

XUL SOLAR MUSEUM About 18 minutes from the hotel For more information about the artist click here To visit the museum's website click here

The Edificio Kavanagh building is a 120-meter-high residential skyscraper with 31 floors. Its architectural style is rationalism - Art Deco. The building has won several awards and titles. About a minute drive.

Mariano Moreno National Library About 68 minutes walk to the library website Click here

Plaza de francia is a 5-minute walk on Saturdays and Sundays.


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