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The most worthwhile bars and pubs in Athens

In the Greek language there is no word equivalent to hangover, the culture of drinking and enjoying it in Greece. Drinking in Chevruta has been a cultural and ancient phenomenon since the days of classical Greece. The enjoyment of the Greeks is measured at the exit for drinking, spending time and drinking, the number of bars as well as the cafes and restaurants has grown and prospered in opening new places all the time.

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The place has a pleasant and inviting atmosphere, warm and very friendly. Wine production has flourished in recent years and many bars have become specialists in the field.
There is a lot of momentum in the field of beer production and therefore different types of boutique beers from local production can be found in bars.
The design of the bars at an elegant and invested level, they attach unique importance in the investment of design and the local beauty of each well and well.

Nightlife in Athens

They are diverse and not necessarily just from taverns and bouzouki but from a collection of bars, pubs and dances a mass crowd comes to the place including many tourists from all over the world.

Central area - the most prominent and main center of activity on kolokotroni street from the beginning to the end, including the small streets that branch off from it, together with the plateau irini square, here you will find the best trendy bars. By the way, there is a phenomenon of parallel entertainment in several bars that night is called in Greece "barotsarka" and means "bouncy bar".

the clumsies among the top ten of the best bars in the world for 2017 a bar that won sixth place. The extraordinary nightlife experience in Athens, through the famous DJ thanks to the well-known chef nikos karathanos. It has a number of guest rooms and is housed in a restored neoclassical building.

monk wine bar - is the leading wine bar in the city thanks to the professional management of a team specializing in the field of wine. It can be found in 115 different types of local and imported wine. Elegant bar spectacular in its beauty. You can taste a series of wines with dishes from a rich menu.

noel - one of the new bars on a bustling colloquial street and has already made its mark on the city's nightlife. Lunchbar is decorated in the festive style of the civil New Year and every time you enter it it seems that you are celebrating Christmas there. In addition to the special cocktails served at the place, you will also find a selection of pizzas in a variety of flavors. Address, kolokotroni st 59b Phone 2112150534

speakeasy - the nature of the place in the American-style design of the 1920s and 1930s,

barley cargo - You can see the huge selection of Greek boutique beers that have won many awards in international competitions.

drunk sinatra - a retro-style and American-influenced bar with a 60s-style design and inspiration.

feddel - a wine bar with a concept of restobar, a rich wine menu and local wine is the dominant one. The bar is located on a small street that connects to the ermou pedestrian zone.

chaplin - a trendy bar established in 2014, all kinds of local celebrities flock to it. It is characterized by a selection of cocktails based on "super food" and the use of natural products such as goji berries

baba au rum

- The first bar opened in Athens enters the list of the 50 leading bars in the world. His specialty is in making cocktails based on local herbs.

By The Glass - the professional wine bar in all of Greece. A bar / bistro founded in 2012 containing over 500 quality wines from Greece and the world, the character of the place feels like ancient Greece.

tailor made - a bar that is very popular with the young people of the city, the cocktails are served in crystal glasses and at reasonable prices. Its walls are designed and decorated with sewing prints.

the bank job - A typical pick-up bar, one of the most sought after and busy with punk and soul music. Address, kolokotroni st 13 Phone 6940634363

Monstirac area - also belongs to the central area, a bustling and touristy area around the clock, you can find bars in all kinds of alleys, I will mention 2 of them adjacent to each other.

couleur locale - a bar that attracts a large crowd of students, fashionable and young with a regular dj playing world music. A discreet entrance from an elevator leading to the third floor from which a spectacular view of the Acropolis can be seen.

In recent years, a number of rooftop bars / cafes have sprung up in central Athens, outdoor seating on the roof is possible for many days of the year and indeed these places are in demand and there is a heavy crowd of crowds. An amazing place at sunset, a spectacular sight in its beauty.

anglais bar - The tallest bar in the city center, the roof terrace faces west and is an excellent vantage point for the sunsets of Athens. Open from 16:00 to 03:00. Many types of beers, classic and tropical cocktails based on seasonal fruits, rich and varied cuisine that includes pastas, sausages, cheeses, shrimp with truffles and more.

360kocktail bar - Located on the roof of the 360degrees Hotel bar / restaurant with a young and romantic atmosphere, a charming view towards the Plaka and the Acropolis.

a for athens - Located on the roof of a hotel bearing the same name A for athens in Monastiraki Square. Through the transparent glass windows you can see an amazing view, on the top floor (seventh) you can sit in the open air as if to feel wonderful like the roof of the world.

brettos - The oldest distillery in Athens is Brettos. Which distills ouzo, bird, brandy and various liqueurs which has been operating since 1909 in an ancient building in the picturesque Plaka neighborhood.

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